Ett kärleksbrev från Shop in Lapland

A love letter from Shop in Lapland

Here we want to give some tips on hearty gifts just in time for Valentine's Day. Take the opportunity right now to order a gift for the person closest to your heart.


The love ring - our bestseller.

A safe card as a gift, this silver ring is also adjustable so that it easily fits most people. A beautiful piece of jewelry with a well-thought-out design whose inspiration is taken from the traditional wedding ring in Sami culture, order it here.

Ett kärleksbrev från Shop in Lapland

Fire steel set in reindeer antler

Fire steel set also called Wilderness set with fire steel and multi-tool.
The multi-tool has a can and cap opener as well as a knife.
Handle in reindeer antler with leather cord in reindeer skin. The set is used to start a fire by striking the kindling steel with the knife of the multi-tool so that sparks are formed.
Good to have on hand when the matches run out or get wet. Length of fire steel approx. 12 cm.
Order the set here.


Norrbotten jewelry

The Norrbotten collection is another popular option, the heart-shaped earrings and necklaces show that your heart beats a little extra for Norrbotten. Choose one or complete with several parts, the Norrbottensringen is also available in a slim model that also looks really good on guys. The Norrbotten necklace is available as large or small. You will find the entire collection here.

Flera tennarmband från Norrbotten

Pewter Bracelet

Well-made pewter bracelets for women, men and children. A genuine craft from Norrbotten.
The design is inspired by traditional Sami craftsmanship. Here you can find classic designs but also new innovative models.
The bracelets are made of vegetable tanned reindeer hide, with high quality pewter wire, reindeer antler button or alternatively for the specific bracelet selected button. The bracelets are chrome and nickel-free.
We make each pewter bracelet to order, the bracelets are sewn by hand according to your measurements.
Order pewter bracelets here.

Webshop with collection in Boden

Spring webshop is available around the clock for more gift ideas. We ship within Sweden, Europe, the USA and Canada. If you want to pick up your orders, we are available from 1 February 2024 at Stationsgatan 10 in Boden.

Warm greetings from Gunilla and Kurre at Shop in Lapland.

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