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  • KaffepåseKaffepåse

    Coffee bag in reindeer skin

    395 kr

    Coffee bag, Lapland model for coffee storage in natural tanned reindeer skin. Holds 6dl.

    Natural tanned leather.


  • Fire steel set in reindeer antler

    395 kr

    Fire steel set also called Wilderness set with fire steel and multi-tool. The multi-tool has a can and cap opener as well as a knife.

    Reindeer horn handle with reindeer skin cord.

    The set is used to make a fire by striking the kindling steel with the multi-tool's knife so that sparks are formed. Good to have on hand when the matches run out or get wet.

    Length of fire steel approx. 12 cm

  • Wooden coffee measure

    325 kr

    Wooden coffee measure with metal scoop.

    Approximate size
    Scoop: 3.5 cm Ø
    The shaft: 13 cm
    Total length: 16.5 cm