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  • Seat pad in wool - Uppsala

    325 kr

    A warming seat pad in wool. Edged with langet stitch. Extra thick wool quality to withstand the adventures outdoors, or just nice to have on the chair at home. Easy to fold and take with you.

    The pattern is inspired by the cathedral's gothic windows, Uppsala mounds and the Fyrisån river in the student city of Uppsala. The seat pad has a small leather label sewn to one edge.

    Organic wool, 100 % OEKO-FOR EXAMPLE®-certified lambswool.

    Size 45 x 45 cm

  • KaffepåseKaffepåse

    Coffee bag in reindeer skin

    395 kr

    Coffee bag, Lapland model for coffee storage in natural tanned reindeer skin. Holds 6dl.

    Natural tanned leather.


  • Fire steel set in reindeer antler

    395 kr

    Fire steel set also called Wilderness set with fire steel and multi-tool. The multi-tool has a can and cap opener as well as a knife.

    Reindeer horn handle with reindeer skin cord.

    The set is used to make a fire by striking the kindling steel with the multi-tool's knife so that sparks are formed. Good to have on hand when the matches run out or get wet.

    Length of fire steel approx. 12 cm

  • Unique walking stick by the artist Erling Rehnsfeldt

    1 490 kr
    Decorated walking stick by Erling Rehnsfeldt from 2005.
    Unused but paint rubbed off approx. 2-3 mm in a few places.

    Length: 91 cm

    Weight: 590 grams