Wooden box with handle,
Why drink coffee in plastic cups when there are wooden cups? All our huts are handcrafted in Tornedalen from birch twigs, which gives a beautiful pattern and very good durability. The cup is impregnated in coffee hence the golden hue. The box in the picture is Guksi with flat handle, read more about our wooden cups here.
Do you get hungry for our pewter bracelets that Alexander wears?
On Alexander's hand from the left Mountain, Salmon, The classic, Nostalgia, Sami bracelet Classic Twist and Ursus. The tin bracelets are all made of vegetable-tanned reindeer skin, with high-quality tin wire and reindeer skin. A first-class craft from Norrbotten.
Gild the summer's coffee moments, which this year take place outdoorsCoffee pouch
Make sure that loved ones can sit warm during the coffee hour, seat pad in wool.
It gets so much nicer in the coffee basket / backpack with one coffee bag in reindeer skin.

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Take care of yourself!

Warm greetings from Gunilla, who today was sitting at the keyboard in a rainy Boden, Lisa and Kurre.