Conditions of Use and Security

These conditions apply to Shop in Lapland C&G AB (below Shop in Lapland) and products sold through its e-commerce site www.shopinlapland.com.

1. Company details
Legal Name: Shop in Lapland C&G AB
Organisation number: 559083-8933
Adress: Shop in Lapland C&G AB, Citronvägen 13C, 961 48 Boden
Besöks- och returadress: Shop in Lapland C&G AB, Rutviksvägen 40, 954 33 Gammelstad

2. Contact information
Kundtjänst öppet vardagar 10-16. Telefon 070-690 58 09 (butik), 070-333 58 09 (Gunilla Burman, VD)
E-post: info@shopinlapland.com

3. Availability and Response Time
Questions regarding the withdrawal, complaints, warranties, and buying and ordering please contact our customer service within 48 hours from receipt of the inquiry. If the issue can not be answered within 48 hours we will notify you as a consumer the reason for the delay and when the question will be answered.

4. Conditions of Use
Payment Types in Sweden: Swish, Klarna, debit- and credit card with Stripe
Payment methods outside Sweden: Paypal, debit- and credit card with Stripe

Terms for invoice is according to Klarna Payments.

Tennarmband och liknande mindre produkter skickas med Postnord, övriga produkter skickas med DHL enligt följande:
Till privatpersoner skickas godset till DHL´s utlämningsställe i närheten av bostaden. Till företag levereras godset direkt till företaget. Leverans av beställda varor/konstverk sker inom det antal dagar/veckor som står angivet vid respektive produkt.

Outlösta paket
Hämtas inte ett paket ut från Postnords/DHL´s utlämningsställe debiteras fraktkostnaden samt en administrativ avgift på 250 kr. Att inte lösa ut försändelsen är alltså inte ett sätt att utnyttja ångerrätt.

5. Follow recommendations
Shop in Lapland förbinder sig att följa de allmänna rekommendationer som konsumentmyndigheten i respektive land i Norden utfärdar (Konsumentverket i Sverige). https://www.hallakonsument.se/lagar/e-handelslagen/
Shop in Lapland also undertakes to comply with the rulings in specific customer queries issued by independent authority The National Board of Sweden.

6. Sales to minors
Shop in Lapland does not sell products to minors (under 18) without parental or guardian permission.

7. Product properties
Shop in Lapland informs the consumer about the products' properties. The product's characteristics and price are clearly described and are available before the purchase is completed on the website. It is also clear in cases where the product can not be used in any country that Shop in Lapland intends to sell to.

8. Prisinformation
Priset visas inklusive alla kostnader och avgifter som direkt kan hänföras till produkten. Kostnader som inte kan hänföras till den enskilda produkten räknas inte in i priset per produkt (t ex frakt). Produktpriset är för Shop in Lapland bindande, såvida inte konsumenten insåg eller borde ha insett att prisuppgiften var orimlig eller felaktig.

9. Total cost
Any extra costs in addition to the price of the item, such as shipping or payment fees, are stated. Before the purchase is completed, the total price is stated. The total price includes all shipping costs, payment fees and other costs that cannot be directly attributed to the product.

10. Delivery
At the time of purchase, the consumer is informed of the expected delivery time for each product from the time the order is placed. In cases where Shop in Lapland cannot deliver what is ordered within the expected delivery time, Shop in Lapland immediately informs the consumer of the new delivery time, and clarifies the reason for the delay. Unless otherwise agreed, delivery of the product must take place no later than 30 days after ordering. If Shop in Lapland does not deliver the product on time, the consumer has the right under the Swedish Consumer Purchase Act to;

  • Cancel the purchase
  • Stick to the purchase and demand that Shop in Lapland complete the purchase. In exceptional cases, there may be obstacles that prevent Shop in Lapland from completing the transaction
  • Canceling the purchase if the delay cost is of significant importance to the consumer
  • Withhold part of the payment
  • Claim damages from Shop in Lapland for costs caused by the delay, unless Shop in Lapland can show that the delay was beyond their control.

11. Right of withdrawal
Shop in Lapland follows when selling to private individuals the rules for right of withdrawal and refund that apply in Sweden (unless otherwise agreed):

Ångerrätten för konsumenten är 30 dagar och räknas från den senaste av följande tidpunkter:

  • the day on which the consumer receives the product
  • the day on which the consumer is notified that an agreement on a continuous service delivery has been concluded

Shop in Lapland always informs the consumer about the right of withdrawal
The consumer has the right to choose the contact route for notification that he regrets the purchase

The right of withdrawal does not apply

  • In agreements on customer-specifically adapted products and food
  • As the product cannot be returned due to its nature
  • If the seal is broken on audio or video recordings or computer programs. Sealing also refers to technical sealing

12. Refund
If the purchase is canceled before the day when the withdrawal period expires, the consumer has the right to recover the full amount for the purchase of the product.

  • The refund applies to all services and costs that the consumer has agreed on in connection with the purchase (does not apply to the return cost)
  • Refunds will be made no later than 30 days after Shop in Lapland has received the product in return.
  • Returkostnad till följd av ångerrätten (frakt och övriga avgifter t ex tull för att skicka tillbaka varan till Shop in Lapland) skall betalas av konsumenten.

13. Complaints / Defects in the product
Shop in Lapland follow Swedish rules regarding complaints, which means a 3-year right to make a complaint.

  • The consumer has the right to cancel the purchase of a product if the product's properties do not correspond to what has been agreed.

14. Transport damage

The consumer shall not be required to bear costs caused by transport damage when Shop in Lapland has sent the product.

  • If the consumer is to return a product, Shop in Lapland must, if necessary, inform about how the product is to be packaged.
  • If the consumer has clearly failed to follow instructions or packaged the products incorrectly, it is possible for Shop in Lapland to demand compensation.
  • In the event of defective packaging, the person who sends the product cannot claim compensation in the event of transport damage.

Transport-damaged products must be reported no later than 5 days after delivery by the party who received the product and notify the other party in cases where compensation is required.

15. Return costs

  • The consumer shall pay any return costs in cases where the consumer exercises the right of withdrawal
  • Shop in Lapland must pay any return costs for the return of the complained product

16. Electronic marketing
All marketing aimed at consumers is designed in a clear and comprehensible manner and is not deficient or misleading.

In order to send electronic marketing (e-mail) to consumers, an active prior consent is required, before Shop in Lapland sends advertising.

Consumer consent must be active, voluntary, express and informed:

  • The consent must be actively carried out by the consumer and cannot be bound by inaction, for example by the approval box being filled in in advance.
  • Shop in Lapland använder e-post för marknadsföringen som berör de produkter vi har i vår butik samt de aktiviteter vi utför i vår fysiska butik.
  • Shop in Lapland does not encourage or reward consumers for forwarding advertising or "tipping" other consumers about Shop in Lapland's operations.

Our Emails can be identified as marketing even before the consumer has opened the message.

All forms of electronic advertising contain an easy-to-understand guide on how the consumer in a simple way and free of charge opposes future advertising. The consumer receives a confirmation that, for example, deregistration of newsletters has been completed.

All marketing is designed and presented in a way that makes it clear to the consumer that it is marketing.

If a specific campaign is only valid for a limited time, this is clear.

The owner of Shop in Lapland is basically responsible for the marketing on Shop in Lapland's website.

17. Transfer of personal data
Shop in Lapland handles the transfer of personal data in such a way that it is impossible or highly unlikely for outsiders to take part in it.

18. Handling of personal data

When you visit ShopinLapland.com we collect information about all visits to our website. We use this information to improve your user experience and to support our marketing.

Here you can read about what information we collect, how we process this information, what we do with it, who has access to it and how you can contact us regarding our privacy policy.

Collection of customers' personal data on ShopinLapland.com takes place within the framework of current legislation and the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

To create a better experience for you, we use various analysis tools such as Google Analytics, which helps us collect statistics on how ShopinLapland.com is used.

ShopinLapland.com collects information from users through four sources.

  • By visiting our website For example country, visited pages, categories and products you have looked at, interaction / clicks and searches. Till exempel land, besökta sidor, kategorier och produkter du tittat på, interaktion/klick och sökningar.
  • Through purchases , e.g. demographic information, email address, payment information, goods, order amount, discount level, brands and frequency. Also sent transaction emails, e.g. confirmation of order, delivery or refund., t.ex. demografiska uppgifter, mejladress, betalningsinformation, varor, beställningssumma, rabattnivå, varumärken och frekvens. Även skickade transaktionsmejl, t.ex. bekräftelse om beställning, leverans eller återbetalning.
  • Through users who provide information about themselves.

The purpose of collecting data serves different areas:

  • ObligationsTo fulfill our obligations to you as a customer or user of our service - such as purchase, invoicing and customer service.
  • Customer service. To be able to handle customer service via email, social media or phone. To answer questions regarding your order or previous orders, correct errors and guide you as a customer.
  • Marketing. To show inspiration, product offers and personal recommendations via web, email and third-party advertising.
  • Customer experience. To enhance the customer experience of interacting with ShopinLapland, such as personalizing your experience at ShopinLapland.com, developing new features, services and products. This also includes administering, protecting, operating and maintaining our website, administering and securing systems, complying with aggregate statistics on usage and purchases on the website and to improve knowledge of our customers' preferences.. För att förbättra kundernas upplevelse av att interagera med ShopinLapland, som att göra din upplevelse på ShopinLapland.com personlig, utveckla nya funktioner, tjänster och produkter. Detta omfattar också att administrera, skydda, driva och bibehålla vår webbplats, att administrera och säkra system, att följa samlad statistik om användning och köp på webbplatsen och för att förbättra kunskapen om våra kunders preferenser.
  • Fraud and risk. To prevent fraud and make risk assessment.
  • LegislationTo comply with current legislation.

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