Midnattssol i Norrbotten
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Midnight sun in Norrbotten

Forty-seven days in a row. That's how long the sun shines in Kiruna without setting during the summer. For visitors to Sweden's northernmost county, midnight sun is a unique experience. For us who live here, summer is a time when we think of light and fill up with energy for dark days to come.

Midnight sun is due to the earth's axis tilting at a certain angle. During the summer months, our part of the planet faces the sun and our nearest star shines on us both night and day. Above the Arctic Circle, or approximately from Luleå and northwards, we can see the midnight sun. We can look for it in the weeks around midsummer and the safest place is the Norrbottnian mountains, far in the north and high above the horizon.

Magical midsummer time
How can you sleep at night? It's a question we Norrbottians sometimes get from people from other parts of the world. Of course, the light can affect sleep, but thankfully there are roller blinds, blinds and blindfolds.

Maybe we don't even want to go to bed. For many, the time around midsummer is the best of the whole year. Everything is healthy, it blooms and grows, a magical time when day and night flow together. Animals and humans adapt to a life in constant light, we are more active and can do things around the clock if we want to. Some believe that we even need less sleep during the light season.

Welcome to Norrbotten
Summer is also a time when we like to invite guests to us. To enjoy nature, take a summer night swim in brilliant sunshine or maybe even spend the night in the open. Unique and light-intensive nature experiences we want to share with you.

If you haven't been to the north during the summer, we can warmly recommend a visit. If you want a small piece of all that beauty, take a look at our webshop! Shop in Lapland offers a variety of unique jewelry and gifts, genuine craftsmanship from the north with inspiration from the land of the midnight sun. See our webshop >>

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