Första hjälpen för att bestämma ringstorlek

First aid for determining ring size

Knowing what ring size you need can be a little tricky. Therefore, many of our rings are adjustable or adjustable, but not all of them are, so here are tips on how to find out what ring size you have.

First of all, all our ring sizes are measured according to the size of the inner diameter of the ring.
Here below you will get some guidance on how to find out which size you need:

  • Develop a ring you own that fits the finger you want to wear the new ring on.
  • Pick out a ruler or caliper, it is important that it has a measuring scale in millimeters.
  • Place the ring you want to measure on a flat surface, e.g. a table, and measure the diameter of the widest part of the ring. 
  • Read the measurement on the inner edges of the ring in millimeters. This is the size you should choose. In this case it was ring size 17.5 looks like 18 mm in the picture but when you look closer it is 17.5 mm ie size 17.5.

Första hjälpen för att bestämma ringstorlek

Don't currently have a ring that fits that finger? No danger, albeit a little more complicated and somewhat less secure.

  • Pick up a piece of string or ribbon (avoid elastic and other things that are elastic), take this and wrap it around your finger where the ring should sit. Apply tightly to the skin, but do not tighten too hard.
  • Mark or cut so you only have the piece lying around the finger.
  • Lay out flat and measure against a ruler with a millimeter scale. Take that measurement, which is thus the circumference of your finger, and divide by 3.14 to get the ring size.

The love ring is adjustable, if you find it difficult to measure. Also suitable when giving a ring as a gift.

You know that we always have the right to exchange unused products? So if the size does not match, we can in most cases help you change, get in touch and we will tell you more!

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