Hurra för alla pappor på Fars dag!
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Cheers to all dads on Father's Day!

Fathers with prams are not an uncommon sight in our country, thank God. In Sweden, both parents have the right to be at home with their children when they are small. So hooray for all dads! On Father's Day, we take the opportunity to celebrate them a little extra.

On the second Sunday of November every year, we celebrate all dads on Father's Day. In the year 2023, we celebrate Father on November 12.

Nice Father's Day gifts
A teddy hug or a caring phone call goes a long way to make him really happy. But a carefully selected Father's Day gift is of course not wrong, either. In Shop in Lapland's online store you can find unique crafts from the north, beautiful and timeless gifts that dad will enjoy for a long time. You will find Father's Day tips in our webshop here.

In an international campaign, the month is called movember and everyone (who can) is asked to grow a mustache. With the mustache campaign, they want to shine a light on men's health and specific male diseases.

Good relationships are good for health
Everyone knows that healthy food, exercise and sleep are good for health. But good relationships with those we love most are just as important for a long and healthy life. That goes for dads too.

Since the mid-seventies, there has been parental insurance in our country, which gives both mothers and fathers the right to be at home with their children when they are small. If you are a father and want to lay the foundation for good relationships with your children and, by extension, a healthy family life, you should take your paternity leave, if you can.

Parental leave is an unbeatable opportunity to build a close community for sons and daughters, for life. An equal distribution of housework and responsibility for the children also strengthens the understanding between you and your partner. When moms and dads feel good together, kids feel good too.

Now Father's Day is approaching, Dad's special day.

Hurra för alla pappor på Fars dag!

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