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  • Norrbottensörhängen silverörhängenSilverörhängen Norrbotten

    Norrbotten earrings

    795 kr

    Cute little silver earrings belonging to the Norrbotten collection. Two small silver hearts with hook. Perfect as a gift, alone or together with Norrbottensringen or Norrbottenshalsbandet.

    925 Sterling silver, nickel free.

    A craft from Norrbotten.

  • Earrings Colors of Lapland

    795 kr

    A pair of arched titanium pendants in heavenly colors with gilded silver leaves on a silver hook.

    Diameter of the earring 15 mm.
    Design and manufacturing Göran Söderström, Lannavaara.

  • Sun glitter earrings, 1 pair

    995 kr

    Silver earrings Sun glitter with small bowl-shaped rounds, one in the middle and five rounds at the bottom. The jewelry symbolizes the midnight sun and its glitter in the mirror-like mountain lake.
    The design is inspired by the Sami culture.

    Diameter 2 cm

    A handmade piece of jewelery from Lapland in 925 Silver.

  • TornedalsörhängeTornedalsörhänge

    Tornedal earrings

    695 kr

    Silver earrings with the flowering Finnmyrten engraved by hand, a beautiful piece of jewelery that symbolizes Tornedalen.

    Earring on hook. The size of the pendant is about 1.5 cm in diameter. The earrings are delivered in pairs in a small jewelry box.

    925 silver

    Stamps: 925, FIN

    A craft from Norrbotten.

  • Snöflinga stiftSnöstjärna stift

    Small Snow Star earrings pins

    695 kr

    Silver earrings Snow star ~ 0.8 cm.

    Stud earrings with a hand-engraved motif of a snowflake.

    A silver craft from Norrbotten.

  • snöstjärna

    Large Snow Star silver earrings, 1 pair

    895 kr

    Snow star earrings in silver. A tribute to all the countless six-pointed crystals that embed our northern tip in a white, soft blanket of snow every winter.

    Diameter 14 mm.
    925 silver, nickel free

    A craft from Norrbotten.

  • Solhjul stift

    Sun wheel earrings pins

    695 kr

    Earrings Sun wheel in silver, ~ 0.8 cm

    Pin earrings with motifs of a sun wheel, a common symbol that represents the sun.

    A craft from Norrbotten.

  • Silverörhängen m swarovskiSilverörhängen med swarovskikristall

    Silver earrings with swarovski

    1 890 kr

    Silver earrings with three rows of silver hanging bowls. Swarovski crystal in the middle. Created by Sami silversmiths..

    A craft from Lapland.

    Length about 5 cm

  • Link cross silver earrings with hook, 1 pair

    695 kr

    Silver earrings Ledkryss – signposts on the way.

    Small silver earrings with a hand-engraved motif of an articulated cross.

    Handmade jewelry from Lapland in 925 silver.

    Length without hook: 15 mm
    Width: 10 mm

  • Salbba dubbel

    Silver earrings Sålbbå Large, 1 pair

    1 295 kr

    Large silver earrings Sålbbå. Sålbbå are Sami, in Swedish Silverlöv. With fantastic character, these pieces of jewelery are suitable both for everyday use and for parties.

    A piece of jewelery whose design is inspired by Sami culture, the rattle of the small bowls is said to keep away untied.

    Diameter 3.4 cm.

    A craft from Norrbotten.

  • Jokkmokk örhangeJokkmokk foto

    Jokkmokk silver earrings - short model

    845 kr

    Silver earring from Jokkmokks Silver with pendant with silver rings, traditional Sami details meet modern design.

    Length about 2.5 cm

  • Midnattssol örhängeMidnattssol örhänge

    Silver earrings Midnight sun, 1 pair

    1 195 kr

    Midnight sun silver earrings. The long summer nights and the midnight sun have been a source of inspiration for these timeless earrings.

    Diameter 14 mm.

    A craft from Norrbotten.

  • Small silver earrings Reindeer "Tjoarvve" - Stift

    695 kr

    Stud earrings in silver, reindeer horn model, also called Tjoarvve, which means horn in Sami.
    H: 14 mm

    925 sterling silver.

    A craft from Norrbotten.

  • Silver earrings Reindeer "Tjoarvve" - with hook

    895 kr

    Earrings in silver, reindeer horn model, also called Tjoarvve, which means horn in Sami.
    The earring has a hook. For stud earrings see Silver earrings Reindeer horn

    Length 2.8 cm without hook.

    A handmade piece of jewelery from Lapland in 925 Silver.

  • Silver earrings Storforsen with pins, 1 pair

    895 kr

    Silver earring Storforsen, a pair, where the shape of the earrings symbolizes Storforsen, which is part of the Piteälven and Europe's largest unbound rapids.

    A silver craft from Norrbotten in 925 silver. Length about 2 cm.

    The collection includes a ring, necklace and earrings.

  • Silverörhängen TrollforsenSilverörhängen Trollforsen

    Silver earrings Trollforsen with pins

    895 kr

    Silver earrings Trollforsen, elegant and stylish earrings with pins.

    The design got its inspiration from all the water drops that together form the Pite River. The water's path from the mountain goes through Sami land and wilderness, passes Trollforsarna and Storforsen before it empties into the sea on the coast of Norrbotten.

    Length about 2 cm

    925 silver. A craft from Norrbotten.

  • Jokkmokk silverörhängen långJokkmokk örhänge

    Jokkmokk silver earrings - long model

    895 kr

    Silver earring from Jokkmokk with silver rings.

    In the Jokkmokk collection, traditional Sami details and modern design meet.

    Length about 5.2 cm
    925 silver, nickel free

  • Silver earring Linnea

    745 kr

    Linnea, silver earring with hook. Sold in pairs.

    Size approx: Diameter 22 mm.

    A craft from Norrbotten.


  • Kukkola rapids, silver earrings

    895 kr

    Stylish stud earrings, length 1.7 cm width 0.9 cm. The shape symbolizes drop-shaped nets used in whitefish fishing in Kukkolaforsen.

    Made of 925 silver. A craft from Norrbotten.

    The collection includes a ring, necklace and earrings.

  • Skåvva silver earrings with pins, 1 pair

    895 kr

    Silver earrings Skåvva with pins. On the pin are two silver rings that fit together.

    Diameter approximately 11 mm.

    A craft from Lapland in 925 sterling silver.