Det magiska norrskenet
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The magical northern lights

People from all over the world travel to the north for a chance to experience the northern lights with their own eyes. For us who live here, it is everyday food, but no less fascinating for that. After an awesome aurora night, social media is filled with images of the fantastic celestial phenomenon. One moment it's there and the next it's gone. The…

Hurra för alla pappor på Fars dag!
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Cheers to all dads on Father's Day!

Fathers with prams are not an uncommon sight in our country, thank God. In Sweden, both parents have the right to be at home with their children when they are small. So hooray for all dads! On Father's Day, we take the opportunity to celebrate them a little extra. On the second Sunday of November every year, we celebrate all fathers...

Tornedalen forever
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Tornedalen forever

Why is Tornedalen the best place in the world? Because here the sky is always highest. This is what a displaced Tornedalin says, who goes to her holiday home by the border river in the north as often as she can. When she talks about her old homes, the river is the common thread and nature is what everything revolves around. The Swedish Tornedalen consists of the municipalities…

Vilda Storforsen inspirerar
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Wild Storforsen inspires

Already in the parking lot you can hear the noise. The sound increases in strength as you approach the rapids and finally reach it. There, next to the railing between you and the wild waterfall, the roar is deafening and your face is wet with the mist from the masses of water. Here you stand for a long time and just watch. Storforsen has fascinated people for thousands of years...

Midnattssol i Norrbotten
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Midnight sun in Norrbotten

Forty-seven days in a row. That's how long the sun shines in Kiruna without setting during the summer. For visitors to Sweden's northernmost county, midnight sun is a unique experience. For us who live here, summer is a time when we think of light and fill up with energy for dark days to come. Midnight Sun is due to the Earth's axis…

En dopgåva värd namnet

A christening gift worthy of the name

Christening, baby shower or naming ceremony. Whatever we choose, we want to throw a nice party for the new baby. Our guests bring carefully selected gifts for the new arrival. Greatest care is given to the gift from mom and dad – the child's very special name. Name is a human right. We will own and wear them for the rest of the…

Fira mamma på Mors dag❤️

Celebrate mom on Mother's Day❤️

Mother's Day is approaching again, always the last Sunday in May. An annual tradition that has been celebrated in our country for more than a hundred years. The idea of the day is to thank one of the most important people in our lives. A person who has always been there, rocked and cooed, picked our noses and taught us how to know. The…