Wooden cups

Wooden cups in a few different designs, a must-have in your backpack when you’re going to the great outdoors! Your coffee or tea will taste great when sipped outside, by a cozy fire, out of your own genuine wooden cup. We also have a small cup for the young ones, perfect christening gift or a birthday present.

This particular kind of wooden cups goes by the name kosa or kåsa locally, and is also present in a few of the sami languages as well, for example as “gukse” or “guksi”. A great travel companion, none the less.

Clean your cup with lukewarm water only, as it will be ruined by any kind of dish soap. Do not wash in dishwasher. All of our cups are made from birch wood in Torne Valley, Sweden.

Care for your cup and it will last you a long time. When brand new, the cups are dipped in liquid paraffin wax wich is harmless but might give off a slightly salt taste the first times you drink from the cup. Simply rinse the cup with hot water or coffee to avoid the salt flavor.
On recommendations from the manufacturer, please avoid to apply cooking oil or linseed oil to your cup. If the cup starts to feel dried up, dip it in liquid paraffin wax that is safe for consumption.

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