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If you order several products with different delivery times, the longest delivery time applies.
In some cases, we send products directly from our subcontractors, which means that you receive your order in several deliveries.
This costs you nothing extra.

In some cases, we send products directly from our subcontractors, which means that you receive your order in several deliveries.
This costs you nothing extra.

For each product, a standard delivery time is specified, for example "The product is in the store, shipped within 1-3 working days ”.  If a product is temporarily out of stock, the text is also displayed Out of stock and is what then applies.

If you want to change your item, order the item again shopinlapland.com and returns the item you have at home within the time of right of withdrawal (see our terms of purchase here). You are responsible for the return cost. Pack it well and send it to the address below and enter the following:
1. Order number
2. Reason for sending it back
3. Your name and telephone number
Provided that the product is unused, we credit the cost of the product.

Return address:

Shop in Lapland
Rutviksvägen 40
954 33 Gammelstad

The shipping cost depends on what you ordered in our shop and to which address the delivery should be sent.
In general for Sweden, packages under 0.5 kg are delivered with Postnord directly in the mailbox, while heavier packages and packages with a value of more than SEK 1,700 are sent by DHL to a delivery point in your vicinity.
You get the exact shipping cost by clicking on Calculate shipping when you put a product in the shopping cart, or when you went ahead and filled in your complete delivery address.

Our suppliers treat the cups with paraffin oil, which means that it can taste salty the first time you use them. Therefore, rinse your cup with hot water or coffee and it will disappear after a while.

It's totally harmless.

If the cup has become dry after a long period of use, you can dip it in paraffin oil again (if you use rapeseed oil, for example, it can turn rancid and smell bad).

We think it is best to polish with Hagerty silver polish.

Hagerty Silver Care is a silver paste for silver jewelry and silver-plated jewelry. The foam-like paste effectively cleans even hard-to-reach parts and is therefore excellent for, for example, several of our Sami jewelery with small details. 
This product has, after several tested products, been named by us as the best for cleaning, among other things, our bestseller Kärleksringen.

You will find the pasta here.

Generally speaking, a blanket is lined with langet stitch and a plaid has lashes. It is common for a plaid to be slightly smaller in size.

The most common and cheapest method of tanning a skin is chrome tanning, which, however, has negative effects on people and the environment.
Vegetable tanned leather does not contain allergens and the colors used are environmentally friendly.
These skins are bark tanned, with bark from spruce, oak, chestnut and mimosa.
The leather is tanned so that it becomes soft and supple.

Some people who wear a bracelet made of chrome-tanned leather get a red rash on the skin where the bracelet is located.

Our bracelets are chrome and nickel free.

We ALWAYS recommend measuring the measurement around the wrist and adding 1.5 cm, to know which measurement to order.
On each pewter bracelet there are pictures of how to measure around the wrist.

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