Kukkola rapids, silver earrings

Stylish pin earrings, length 1.7 cm width 0.9 cm. The shape symbolizes drop-shaped nets used in whitefish fishing in Kukkolaforsen.

Made of 925 silver. A craft from Norrbotten.

The collection includes a ring, necklace and earrings.

The Kukkolaforsen collection is a tribute to whitefish fishing with nets along the Torne and Kalix rivers. The method of fishing with nets dates back to the 16th century. Raking whitefish has been inherited for generations and is done with long-handled nets from the long protruding wooden bridges called pator and on meänkieli Krenku. Kukkolaforsen in Torneälv is a natural attraction in Tornedalen. In summer, whitefish are hauled out of the river, and the whitefish festival at Kukkolaforsen dates back to the Middle Ages and traditionally falls on the weekend after St. James' Day. At the rapids there is also the tourist facility Kukkolaforsen.

795 kr

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