Clothes, shoes & accessories

Selected solid range of clothing, shoes and accessories for women, children and men in leather and wool. Made by Nordic producers in natural materials.

Here are caps in both cotton and wool, which suits you best, by season.
Comfortable wrist warmers in wool and knitted mittens for really cold days. Our carefully selected woolen jackets of fine quality come in handy all year round, summer and spring, autumn and winter.
You may need a pair of shoes with a lot of character? You can find Kero's classic wet beak in reindeer skins here, in several color choices. For the smallest, there are also cozy little slippers in soft reindeer leather to learn to walk and run in.
In our range of perfumes you will find fragrances for ladies and gentlemen, developed by two local abilities in Norrbotten. Tips, men's perfume Askr is a real best seller for men!
Here you will also find unique leather bags made by Sami craftsmen, marked with the Duodji mark, a quality stamp on genuine Sami crafts.

We hope to offer you something really beautiful and of good quality, to give or to yourself!

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