Thumbskin gloves Luxury - Women

Wonderfully warm and luxurious leather glove, lined with the softest lambskin. Longer and narrower model that also fits the fine coat and you avoid the gap between the sleeve and glove.

Available in three nice colors, classic black, brown and lovely red. Brown lambskin lining on all models.

Handmade by the Finnish family business Liisa Sauso, which has been making gloves for three generations for exclusive clothing stores in Finland and now also for Shop in Lapland.

Liisa Sauso is extremely careful when choosing materials for their gloves and works with suppliers that they have used for over 30 years.

Outer material: Ethiopian sheepskin which is flexible and thin and very durable. Due to these properties, it is considered to be the best handwear in the world. The leather is processed in Naples, Italy by the Gargiulo family.

Inner material: Softest lambskin from New Zealand.

Measure the circumference of your hand with a measuring tape, place the measuring tape as in the picture. About 20 mm above the thumb crease and index finger.

Size chart
 Glove size 6,5 7 7,5 8 8,5 9*
 Hand circumference in mm 155-170 175-190 195-210 215-230 235-250 255-270

* NOTE! At size 9, it is a seam on the wrist.

1 195 kr

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