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Rutviksvägen 40
954 33 Gammelstad

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The warehouse in Gammelstads Kyrkstad

Collection of ordered goods can be done Monday, Wednesday and Friday at 11-13, does not apply to evenings or red days.
Ring på dörrklockan och ange ordernummer och namn vid uthämtning.


Detailed directions

Directions for pedestrians

from Gammelstad Church, 200 meters

Follow Rutviksvägen 200 meters to the car park and Shop in Lapland.

Directions for car

from E4 Rutvik:

Follow the road towards Gammelstad, the shop is the first house on the left side by the large car park when you pass the Gammelstad sign. See map below.

from Gammelstad Church, 200 meters

Follow Rutviksvägen 200 meters to the car park on the right and Shop in Lapland.

Shop in Lapland's warehouse is located at Rutviksvägen 40, Gammelstad, Luleå.

The warehouse, where pre-ordered products can be picked up, is located in the world heritage Gammelstads kyrkstad, 200 meters from Gammelstads kyrka and 200 meters from the open-air museum Hägnan, 10 kilometers north of Luleå. Disabled access, large parking also for buses and motorhomes, three toilets adjacent to the store, one of which is adapted for the disabled.

Selected Nordic design
Shop in Lapland hand-picks designs created from genuine natural materials that carry the history of the rich cultural landscape in the Nordic countries. With deep knowledge, a strong sense of form and aesthetics and great respect for skilled artists, Shop in Lapland guarantees quality and authenticity. We are from Gällivare ourselves and therefore our hearts beat extra for Lapland; the lifestyle, the eight seasons, the midnight sun, the northern lights, steaming snowstorms, plains, mountains, rivers, deep forests and the Sami culture.

Information and tips

The store is closed and orders are only accepted via the web shop,

For more info about Gammelstads Kyrkstad see

History of Gammelstad's church town

In Gammelstad's church town is Norrland's largest medieval stone church from 1492, a large and well-preserved church town with church cottages, residential buildings, parish magazines and much more. This is the place where Luleå was founded, and grew from a small church and trading place to a real city. The city was moved in the 17th century, and that was when people popularly began to call the place "Old Town". Among Gammelstad's more famous visitors is Carl Linnéus who came to Gammelstad at midsummer 1732, only 25 years old. He wrote: “If the summer here is shorter than any other place in the world, I also admit that he is more pleasant. Never in my days have I lived healthier than now. ”

The first overnight cottages were probably built in the 16th century after the conscription was introduced. The long distances, the merchants' need for warehouses and overnight stalls at the market place, the church stables, where the horses stood while the common people attended the service and last but not least the population's obligation to visit the church regularly increased the number of church cottages. The irregular placement of the cottages indicates that they were added gradually and when needed. From the beginning, people from the same village had their cottages next to each other and at the different entrances to the church. When all the roads were lined with cottages, the ground between the roads was also filled with buildings. Then the alleys and the "smogen" arose, ie the narrow steps between the church cottages.