Conditions of Use and Security

These conditions apply to Shop in Lapland C&G AB (below Shop in Lapland) and products sold through its e-commerce site

1. Company details
Legal Name: Shop in Lapland C&G AB
Organisation number: 559083-8933
Address: c/o Gunilla Burman. Citronvägen 13, SE-961 48 Boden

2. Contact info
Support open weekdays 10-17. Phone +46 (0)70-690 58 09 (shop) +46 (0)70-333 58 09 (Gunilla Burman, CEO)

3. Availability and Response Time
Questions regarding the withdrawal, complaints, warranties, and buying and ordering please contact our customer service within 48 hours from receipt of the inquiry. If the issue can not be answered within 48 hours we will notify you as a consumer the reason for the delay and when the question will be answered.

4. Conditions of Use
Payment Types in Sweden: Klarna Checkout
Payment methods outside Sweden: Paypal

Pewter Bracelets and similar products are sent by mail, other products are sent with DHL as described below. To the individuals sent the goods to DHL’s delivery point near the cottage. To the company delivered the goods directly to the company. Delivery of ordered goods / works done in the days / weeks that are indicated on each product. Delivery time is different depending on where the goods will be sent. When purchasing from multiple creators, on which the item is in stock, the supply from the respective creator, the total cost is the same. Deliveries can be at these events take different lengths of time.

5. Follow recommendations
Shop in Lapland agree to follow the general recommendations of National Consumer Agency in Sweden. Shop in Lapland also undertakes to comply with the rulings in specific customer queries issued by independent authority The National Board of Sweden.

6. Sales to minors
Shop in Lapland does not sell products to minors (under 18) without parental or guardian permission.

7. Product characteristics
Shop in Lapland informs consumers about product characteristics. Product features and price are clearly described and available before the purchase completed on the site. It is also evident in the cases goods can not be used in any country which Shop in Lapland intends to sell to.

8. Pricing
The price is shown inclusive of all costs and expenses directly attributable to the product. Costs that are not attributable to the individual product is not included in the price per product (eg shipping). The product price is for Shop in Lapland binding, unless the consumer knew or should have known that the price data was unreasonable or incorrect.

9. Total cost
Any additional costs beyond the price of goods such as such as shipping or payment fees apparent. Before completing the purchase shows the total price. The total price includes all shipping costs, payment charges and other costs not directly attributable to the product.

10. Delivery
At the time of purchase the consumer informed about the expected delivery date for each product from the order has been made. If Shop in Lapland is unable to deliver the order within the expected delivery Shop in Lapland immediate informs the consumer of new delivery time, and clarifies the reason for the delay. Unless otherwise agreed, delivery of the product take place within 30 days after ordering. If Shop in Lapland not deliver goods on time, the consumer is entitled under the Swedish Consumer Sales Act that;

  • Revoking the purchase
  • Adhere to the purchase and demand that fulfill Shop inLapland purchase. In exceptional cases there may be barriers that prevent Shop in Lapland not need to complete the deal
  • Revoking the purchase cost of delay is essential to the consumer
  • Holding a portion of the payment
  • Demanding compensation from Shop in Lapland for costs resulting from delay, unless Shop in Lapland can not demonstrate that the delay was beyond their control.

11. Return policy
Shop in Lapland follows the rules for withdrawal and repayment to private persons that apply in Sweden (unless otherwise agreed):

The return policy of the consumer is 14 days for all the Nordic countries and counts from the latest of the following dates:

  • The day after receiving the product
  • The day the consumer receives notice that an agreement for an ongoing service delivery concluded

Shop in Lapland always inform consumers about cancellation rights.
The consumer has the right to choose contact route for the message that he regrets the purchase.

The right does not

  • The contracts for custom-tailored products and foodstuffs
  • As the product because of the nature can not be returned
  • If the seals are broken on audio or video recordings or computer software. The seal also covers technical sealing

12. Reimbursement
If the purchase is revoked before the date of the withdrawal period expired, the consumer is entitled to recover the full amount for the purchase of the product.

  • Reimbursement for all services and costs which the consumer agreed to in connection with the purchase (does not return the cost)
  • Reimbursement is made within 30 days after Shop in Lapland received the product in return.
  • Enter costs as a result of withdrawal (freight and other charges such as duty of returning the goods to Shop in Lapland) shall be paid by the consumer.

13. Claims / Defective product

Shop in Lapland follow Swedish rules regarding complaints so that 3 year warranty.

  • The consumer has the right to cancel the purchase of a product if the product properties are not consistent with what was agreed.

14. Transportation Injury

The consumer shall not be required to bear the costs caused by transport damage when it is Shop in Lapland that sent the product.

  • If the consumer shall return a product to be Shop in Lapland where appropriate, advise on how the product is packaged.
  • If the consumer is quite obviously failed to follow instructions or packaged products are in the wrong way, it is possible for Shop in Lapland to claim compensation.
  • The transport label can not be the person sending the product to require compensation for transport damage.

Shuttle Damaged products must be claimed no later than 5 days after delivery of the party who received the product and notify the other party to the insurance claims.

15. Return Costs

  • The consumer must pay any return costs, where the consumer exercises the right of withdrawal
  • Shop in Lapland must pay any return costs to return the claimed product

16. Electronic Marketing

All marketing directed at consumers are written in clear and understandable way and is not flawed or misleading.

To send electronic marketing (e-mail) to the consumer requires active consent in advance, before Shop in Lapland sends advertisements.

The consumer’s consent must be active, free, express and informed:

  • Consent is to be actively carried out by the consumer and can not be bound by inertia, for example, by approving the box is completed in advance.
  • Shop in Lapland use email marketing related to the products we have in our stores, and the activities we carry in our shop.
  • Shop in Lapland calls or do not reward consumers for communicating promotional or “tip” other consumers on Shop in Lapland activities.

Our E-mails can be identified as advertising even before the consumer has opened the message.

All forms of electronic advertising contains a comprehensive guidance on how the consumer can easily and freely oppose future advertising. Consumers will receive a confirmation, eg, cancellation of newsletters out.

All marketing designed and presented in a way that makes it clear to consumers that it is marketing.

If a specific campaign only for a limited time clearly demonstrated this.

The holder of Shop in Lapland is as a starting charge of marketing at Shop in Lapland site.

17. Transfer of personal data
Shop in Lapland handles the transfer of personal data in such a way that the outside is impossible or highly unlikely to take part of it.

18. Privacy policy
Personal data is handled confidentially and is not available for outsiders to read.

  • In Sweden, we follow the Data Protection Act (PUL) which in brief is as follows: Data Protection Act, intended to protect individuals from having their privacy violated when personal data is processed. The term “treatment” is broad, it covers the collection, recording, storage, processing, dissemination, erasure, and more. Personal information provided “any information which directly or indirectly attributable to a natural person who is alive.” Of the law is clear when and how personal data may be processed. The Data Protection Act applies when personal information is treated in the activities undertaken by both individuals and the authorities.
  • Shop in Lapland will not share personal information, e-mail addresses or other customer information to third parties without the customer’s express consent.