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  • Kärleksringen

    The love ring - Adjustable silver ring

    1 195 kr

    Ring in silver with seven silver rings and two hearts on the sides.

    Width in the widest place about 1.4 cm. Adjustable size 17-22 or 15-16.5.

    A craft from Norrbotten.

    In the picture with several rings, the Love Ring is worn on the middle finger, the Button ring in silver on the index finger and the Jokkmokk ring on the ring finger.

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  • Wooden cup with handle - approx. 1.1 dl

    795 kr

    Traditional wooden box from Tornedalen in birch wood, impregnated with strong coffee for nice color and shine and treated with paraffin oil to prevent the wood from drying out. Holds ~1.1 dl. The jacket has a leather strap.

    The cheese should only be rinsed off with lukewarm water. DO NOT use dish soap. If necessary, lubricate with paraffin oil..

    The box can be hand-engraved with any text, in which case tick “I want engraving”, Then select location of engraving, when you check the desired option, an image of the selected location is displayed.

    If you want, you can order more cups with different engraving, please add one box at a time to the shopping cart.

  • The Sun Wheel – Silver necklace with leather strap

    895 kr

    Silver necklace with a pendant in the form of the Sami sign Solhjulet. The pendant is on a leather strap, clasp in silver. Length 42 cm. Size of pendant 2.5 cm/diameter.

    A craft from Lapland.

  • Pearl River – Adjustable silver ring

    795 kr

    Adjustable silver ring with silver pearls in three arches.

    Width at the widest point about 1 cm.
    Adjustable in size - choose from size 16 mm or from size 17.5 - 22.

    925 sterling silver, nickel free. A craft from Norrbotten. Design Anton Holmqvist

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