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  • sittdyna renskinn - friluftsliv

    Seat cushion in reindeer skin

    450 kr

    A warm and natural seat pad made of reindeer fur for your home or to take on the hiking trip in the woods and on the ground. Treated with silicone on the underside for moisture protection.

    Always warm, but it is inevitable that the cushion will release some hair.

    Size about 30 x 40 cm, vegetable tanned

    The colors of the reindeer coat vary from lighter to darker beige and brown.

  • Pewter Bracelet Ursus

    790 kr

    Pewter bracelet with pewter braid and black-brown mottled leather strap. The braid is sewn on reindeer skin, width ~ 1.5 cm. Reindeer horn button and reinforced loop.

    A craft from Norrbotten.

    For the right size, measure the wrist then add 1.5 cm.

  • Wooden cup with handle - approx. 1.1 dl

    795 kr

    Traditional wooden box from Tornedalen in birch wood, impregnated with strong coffee for nice color and shine and treated with paraffin oil to prevent the wood from drying out. Holds ~1.1 dl. The jacket has a leather strap.

    The cheese should only be rinsed off with lukewarm water. DO NOT use dish soap. If necessary, lubricate with paraffin oil..

    The box can be hand-engraved with any text, in which case tick “I want engraving”, Then select location of engraving, when you check the desired option, an image of the selected location is displayed.

    If you want, you can order more cups with different engraving, please add one box at a time to the shopping cart.

  • Gift Card

    Fr. 200 kr

    Gift card including envelope.
    Place for greeting on page 2, in such cases write the desired greeting in notes on the order.

    The cards are sent by post to the ordered delivery address and redeemed in the webshop with a discount code. Denominations from SEK 200 to SEK 10,000 are available. Valid for 1 year from date of purchase.

    Size: A6
  • KaffepåseKaffepåse

    Coffee bag in reindeer skin

    395 kr

    Coffee bag, Lapland model for coffee storage in natural tanned reindeer skin. Holds 6dl.

    Natural tanned leather.


  • The Sun Wheel – Silver necklace with leather strap

    895 kr

    Silver necklace with a pendant in the form of the Sami sign Solhjulet. The pendant is on a leather strap, clasp in silver. Length 42 cm. Size of pendant 2.5 cm/diameter.

    A craft from Lapland.

  • Taiga lyktaTaiga lykta

    Taiga candle lantern

    495 kr

    Hand-turned candle lantern in porcelain for tealights. Motifs of spruces cut out by hand give a nice silhouette when the lantern is lit. Glazed inside.

    Height: Approximately 9 cm.

    A craft from Norrbotten.


  • whiskeykuportennkupor

    Tin whiskey cups, gift set

    1 195 kr

    A pair of hammered pewter whiskey cups, in a wooden box. Pads for the cups in the form of wooden stumps are included.

    Height: 50mm (80mm with stump)

    Diameter at the opening: 60 mm

    Holds: approx. 15 cl.

    Sold in pairs in a gift box in the form of a wooden box.

    A craft from Norrbotten.

  • handdukhandduk

    Towel Flavors from the North

    185 kr

    Fine, woven kitchen towel with print in gray with typical dishes from Norrbotten / Lapland, such as coffee, dried reindeer meat, pitepalt, calyx roe, cloudberry jam, etc. Design Maria Holmer Dahlgren for Shop in Lapland.

    Material: 50% linen 50% cotton

    Size 69 x 50 cm

  • Bricka Ren i NorrskenBricka Ren i Norrsken

    Tray - Clean in the northern lights

    249 kr

    Beautiful and useful tile in birch with the motif of a reindeer in the northern lights.

    The tray is handcrafted in birch veneer by the small Öland company Formpress. Dishwasher safe.

    Size: 27 x 20 cm

  • Luleå - mold in ceramic

    295 kr

    Handmade ceramic mug with ear. The text Luleå together with the coordinates of Luleå Cathedral.

    Height about 8 cm
    about 9 cm up
    about 6.5 cm bottom

    A Nordic craft.

  • The elk - Iron candlestick

    525 kr

    Elk, candlestick in black lacquered iron for a candle, design by the Swedish design couple Bengt and Lotta. Height 20 cm, length 22 cm, width 6 cm.


    530 kr

    The book Laponia - Grand Silence.

    The photographers, Erlend Haarberg and Orsolya Haarberg, show us the hidden and almost invisible Laponia, text by John E Utsi

  • BälteBälte

    Leather belt

    425 kr

    Waist belts in natural tanned leather, nice simple buckle. 3 cm wide.

    The length is measured from the eyelet to the middle hole, so enter the waist measurement and it will be the correct length of the strap.