Reindeer skin for outdoor use

Full-size reindeer skin / reindeer skin with silicone-treated underside for moisture protection. A warm and natural seating area for your home or to take on the hiking trip in the woods and on the ground. The color of the skin may differ from the image. Always warm, but it is impossible to avoid the traps dropping some hair.

The size varies, about 80 × 110 cm.

The colors of the reindeer coat vary from lighter to darker beige and brown.

A quality leather vegetable tanned in Norrbotten.

General about reindeer skin

The reindeer skin is fantastic at preserving heat, insulating from the cold, there is nothing warmer to sit or lie on. Even if you sit outside in 40 degree cold, the reindeer skin warms.

The reindeer's hairs are hollow and thus a unique insulation is obtained. In addition, the hairs are very dense and are upwards, which gives an insulating layer. The Sami have always taken care of the reindeer's unique furs not only as a seat pad and sleeping pad but also for clothes, hats and shoes.

Reindeer skin is a natural material. When not in use, keep skin dark and cool. Make sure the skins dry properly before putting them away for storage.

2 100 kr

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