Mountain lemming in ceramics

Our own mountain lemming Lemmus Rakus is endemic to Shop in Lapland. It is created, shaped and raku-burnt by Lars-Lennart Stenberg and is available in two different expressions, the calm safe lemming and the temperamental. Both variants have copper shimmering backs. The teeth of the ethereal are made of reindeer horn.

Each lemming is unique and evokes fond memories for the mountain enthusiast and is a reminder to all of us to be afraid of our globe. Climate change has led to a decrease in the number of lemmings in recent years. Lemmings are a species that benefits from long cold winters. They are adapted for a life under the snow cover, and it is only during the short mountain summer that they move on bare ground. Lack of lemmings means less food for the predators, ie smaller mountain foxes, red foxes, buzzards, paws and owls.

990 kr

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