Genuine Lovikkavantar - 1 pair

Genuine Lovikkavantar have a seal with a brand which means that they are knitted in the traditional way in the small village Lovikka, 120 km north of the Arctic Circle, in Tornedalen in northern Sweden.
Few products from Tornedalen have become as well known as the Lovikkavanten, created by Erika Aittamaa in 1892. The women of the village have kept the tradition alive, and in 1961 the Housewives' Association had the Lovikkavanten registered as a trademark. The brand is only available on genuine Lovikka gloves and guarantees that they are knitted in Lovikka, in the traditional way. An authentic Lovikkavante is made of Swedish carded wool that is hand-spun into yarn. The gloves are knitted by hand and then washed several times. When they have dried, they are roughened up with wool card on the inside and outside, the collar is embroidered and the gloves are provided with the seal with the brand.

The pattern and colors of the embroidery on the collar vary, the pictures show white and gray mittens with different embroidery patterns and color choices.

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Washing instructions

Wool is a fantastic material that is partly self-cleaning and dirt-repellent.

If you still have to wash, use washing soap and have such hot water that you can hardly put it in your hands. Rinse thoroughly in warm water so that no soap is left. Gently squeeze out of the water, do not twist.

If you have a washing machine where you can choose a program with only spin, you can use it. If not, place them between towels to get rid of most of the water.

Then tighten the gloves firmly so that they are the same size and so that the thumb is good.

You can then rough them up with, for example, a dog brush with aluminum spikes or another brush.

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