Strawberry jam

Field berry, in Latin Rubus Arcticus, is Norrbotten's landscape flower and the taste of its berries is unlike any other berry as a mixture of both strawberries, raspberries and strawberries - but still not. Considered by many to be the absolute tastiest berry.

Strawberries grow here in the northern part of Sweden in ditch edges, on beaches and moist meadows and become more and more rare as the landscape changes.

The berry is hidden under the leaves and you have to sit down and look for them on the plant, the flower base is hard and you usually have to clean the berries by cutting off the flower base with a small nail clipper.

The aroma is lovely and as a jam it is very good and a pure luxury to eat with the waffle, ice cream, on the jam cake, for the panna cotta or in a chocolate parfait.

You usually make jam and liqueur from the field berry.

Net weight about 110 g, volume about 100 ml

Ingredients per 100 g:

Berries 52 g, sugar 30 g
Water, pectin, citric acid, sodium benzoate.

195 kr

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