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  • leather glove with wool liningleather glove with wool lining

    Leather gloves with gray wool lining - only size 6 left

    595 kr

    Beautiful black leather mittens/thumb gloves in moose skin with wool lining. Windproof and warm.

    The gloves are made in Finland, the leather is from Finland and tanned in Finland, environmentally approved tanning, does not contain chrome. Lining 50% wool, 50 % synthetic, so-called wool pleat. The supplier has ceased operations, so this model is not available in all sizes, we refer to Leather gloves with white wool lining

    Measure the circumference of your hand with a measuring tape, place the measuring tape as in the picture. About 20 mm above the thumb crease and index finger.

    Size chart
     Glove size 6 7 8 9 10 11 12
     Hand circumference in mm 170-180 180-190 190-200 200-210 210-220 220-230 230-240


  • The Sun Wheel – Silver necklace with leather strap

    795 kr

    Silver necklace with pendant in the form of the Sami sign Solhjulet. The pendant sits on a leather strap, lock in silver. Length 42 cm. Size 2.5 cm / diameter.

    A craft from Lapland.

  • Reindeer skin-outdoor- outdoor lifeReindeer skin outside

    Reindeer skin for outdoor use

    2 190 kr

    Full-size reindeer skin / reindeer skin with silicone-treated underside for moisture protection. A warm and natural seating area for your home or to take on the hiking trip in the woods and on the ground. The color of the skin may differ from the image. Always warm, but it is impossible to avoid the traps dropping some hair.

    The size varies, about 80 × 110 cm.

    The colors of the reindeer coat vary from lighter to darker beige and brown.

    A quality leather vegetable tanned in Norrbotten.

    General about reindeer skin

    The reindeer skin is fantastic at conserving heat, insulating from the cold, there is nothing warmer to sit or lie on. Even if you sit outside in 40 degree cold, the reindeer skin warms.

    The reindeer's hairs are hollow and thus a unique insulation is obtained. In addition, the hairs are very dense and are upwards, which gives an insulating layer. The Sami have always taken care of the reindeer's unique furs not only as a seat pad and lying pad but also for clothes, hats and shoes.

    Reindeer skin is a natural material. When not in use, keep skin dark and cool. Make sure the skins dry properly before putting them away for storage.

  • Salbba double

    Silver earrings Sålbbå – Silver leaf large, 1 pair

    1 195 kr

    Large silver earrings Sålbbå. Sålbbå are Sami, in Swedish Silverlöv. With fantastic character, this piece of jewelery is suitable both for everyday use and for parties.

    A piece of jewelery whose designs are inspired by Sami culture.

    Diameter 3.4 cm.

    A craft from Norrbotten.

  • Wool felt Visby

    1 690 kr

    Wool blanket with a pattern inspired by Visby's beautiful roses, the ring wall, the warehouses and of course the sea.

    Swedish design, woven in the Baltics, 100 % Norwegian lambswool. OEKO-TEX® certified product.

    OEKO-TEX® is the most well-known and widespread brand in the world, therefore also the world's leading label for textiles, accessories and products that have been tested with regard to the content of harmful substances.

    Size: 130 × 185 cm.



  • The Drop – Tin Wire Necklace

    1 090 kr

    Pewter necklace with pewter braid with matching glass beads, the braid is sewn on reindeer skin, width about 1 cm. Reindeer horn button and reinforced loop.
    A craft from Norrbotten.