Jokkmokks tenn

  • Salbba small necklace Salbba small necklace
    Beautiful silver necklace Salbba, this is the small design. A piece of jewellry fitting both formal and relaxed occations.  The design is inspired of traditional sami culture. Diameter apprx. 2 cm.  Chain lenghth 45 cm A craft from Swedish Lapland. The large size necklace is found here.
  • Silver ring Trollforsen Trollforsen silverring
    Beautiful silver ring Trollforsen, where the design was inspired by the unbound waterfall Storforsen located outside of Älvsbyn.  The ring is somewhat open in the design, size appr. 17 mm in diameter. 925 silver. A handicraft from Swedish Lapland.
  • Snowflake silver ring. The snowflake jewellery collection is a tribute to all the uncountable icy crystals that every winter covers the grounds of our nothernmost parts of the country. Two sizes. A craft from Swedish Lapland.
  • Jiertta Jiertta
    Jierttá, a beautiful silver ring that symbolize the round and deep mountain lake, viewed from a birds view. Onesize, ~17 mm
  • Silver ring Sjöfallet, named after the waterfall in the national park Stora Sjöfallet. Sizes, ~17 & 19 A handicraft from Swedish Lapland.
  • dielle
    Silver ring Dielle, a design made to reminiscent the waveforms on the snow  made by the howling winter winds. A handicraft from Swedish Lapland. 3 sizes, all rings can be adjusted slightly in size.
  • Sunwheel necklace Solhjul litet halsband
    Silver necklace Sunwheel on silver chain. One of the most common symbols in Sami culture, the Sunwheel can be found on anything from ritual drums to ordinary everyday objects. Diameter 14 mm Chain 45 cm A handicraft from Swedish Lapland
  • Sunwheel studs earrings
    Earrings Sunwheel in silver, ~0,8 cm Studs with the symbol the Sunwheel, a common sami symbol for the sun. A craft from Swedish Lapland.
  • Salbba small necklace Salbba necklace
    Beautiful silver necklace Salbba. With lots of character, this silver jewelry will fit as perfectly to the party as for everyday use. This is the large design. Diameter 3.4 cm Chain lenght 60 cm A craft from Swedish Lapland. For small silver necklace Salbba, click here.
  • Silver earrings Salbba Silver earrings Salbba
    Earrings Salbba, with five small decorative concave discs in silver. Ø ~2 cm A handicraft from Swedish Lapland.
  • Snöstjärna stift Snowflake studs
    Stud earrings Snowflake in silver, size ~0,8 cm. Hand made in Jokkmokk, Swedish Lapland.
  • Jokkmokk earrings Jokkmokk earrings
    Silver earrings with three small silver rings. Made in Swedish Lapland. Traditional sami details meet modern design. Length 2,5 cm
  • Jokkmokksring jokkmokksring
    Silver ring from Swedish Lapland. Decorated with three small silver rings, traditional sami details meets modern design. Open ring, two sizes.
  • solhjul armband Sunwheel
    Silver charm in shape of the sami sign The Sunwheel. Size Ø 1.5 cm 925 silver Attention! Charm only. For a complete set including bracelet please see the product "The Sunwheel silver bracelet", article no. 65-S236
  • Necklace Jokkmokk Necklace Jokkmokk
    Silver pendant with three small rings. Necklace in black leather cord with lock in silver. Length 42 cm.
  • Silver necklace from Jokkmokk tenn, Jokkmokk. Silver pendant with symbol Sarahkkaa against red background and silver chain 42 cm. Sáráhkká is the Sami goddess who lived under the hearth, spun thread and helped at birth of children and the reindeer calves.