Isbiten af Luleå - glass lantern

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Isbiten af Luleå is created by Eva Gunnarsdotter Björk in collaboration with Shop in Lapland as a tribute to the winter city of Luleå. The ice cube is a candle lantern, flower bowl or appetizer bowl for Kalix roe! The product comes with a folder, in the folder Luleå is described in winter clothing.

The ice rink between Norra and Södra Hamn

The center of Luleå is located on a peninsula. An approximately 10 km long ice rink is plowed around the peninsula every year between Norra and Södra Hamn. The ice rink is to the delight of many. Along the ice rink there are barbecue areas, a sauna and other fun. People are skating, walking, kicking, walking with prams - yes, everything possible.

Take a trip on the ice rink - join Isbiten af Luleå!

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