Hand-knitted mittens in Lovikka yarn

Hand-knitted mittens in Lovikka yarn, the mittens have then been washed and carded to become extra warm and tight.
A slightly higher model so that there will not be a gap between the jacket and the mitten. Total length approximately 26 cm.
Embroidery on the collar in the Sami colors red, yellow and blue and tassels in the same colors.

Note!      NOT Genuine Lovikka gloves only knitted in Lovikka yarn.

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Information about Lovikkavantar

Genuine Lovikka gloves have a seal and are knitted in the village of Lovikka by the Housewives Association, these do not have a seal and are knitted in Finnish Lapland.
Genuine Lovikka gloves have hand-spun yarn, these have machine-spun yarn.
Genuine Lovikka gloves have a collar at the top that can be folded up, these have no collar.
Genuine Lovikka gloves have a braid in white with a colored tassel, these have a braid in the same color as the tassel.

Washing instructions

Wool is a fantastic material that is partly self-cleaning and dirt-repellent.

If you still have to wash, use washing soap and have such hot water that you can hardly put it in your hands. Rinse thoroughly in warm water so that no soap is left. Gently squeeze out of the water, do not twist.

If you have a washing machine where you can choose a program with only spin, you can use it. If not, place them between towels to get rid of most of the water.

Then tighten the gloves firmly so that they are the same size and so that the thumb is good.

You can then roughen them up with, for example, a dog brush with aluminum spikes or another brush.

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