The Lovikka seal and trademark guarantee that the mittens have been handknitted in the village of Lovikka in the Torne Valley in Northern Sweden, 120 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle.
Lovikka Mittens may well be the Torne Valleys most widely known export. They were created by Erika Aittamaa in 1892. Erika passed her craft on and the women of Lovikka kept the tradition alive. In 1961 the application of the housewives association to register Lovikka Mittens as a trademark was granted. Only genuine Lovikka Mittens bear the Lovikka trademark, which guarantees that they have been handknitted in the traditional way in Lovikka. Genuine Lovikka Mittens are made from carded wool which is handspun to produce yarn. The mittens are handknitted and then washed several times. After drying they are brushed inside and out with a wool card, the collars are embroidered and the seal bearing the Lovikka trademark is applied.
The embroidery varies in color and pattern from mitten to mitten, on the photos you could see a pair of white mittens and a pair of grey mittens with different colors and patterns on the collars.